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HI Everyone, I hope everyone who attended CAMMP made it home safe. 

I wanted to reach out and see if anyone could help me with updating my job description.  😊  Previously I was managing the areas of member services, so payment processing, customer service as well as working with our Marketing guru to plan out our needs for solicitations and renewals.  This past fall, some management areas were added around CRM database management, so importing event tracking, child records and ring sales as well as point of contact for our CRM and manage any training needs.

I am trying to do some quick research from my network of what some suggestions would be to add to my description. If you have any of these items, outside of the marketing responsibilities, I would love to know what experience is listed on your job description.  Or if you have access to someone who does some of things listed and can send me their description, that would be great.   My current listing is more about membership marketing and communications and doesn’t include the additional areas. 

Thank you in advance for your assistance!  Already looking forward to Maryland in July, 2024!

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