CAMMP Membership

Members of CAMMP strive to maintain a network of professionals that together will raise the national profile, reach, and impact of alumni relations. Through an annual conference and active listserv, CAMMP members share ideas and successes, ask for guidance, and benchmark programs to drive the conversation.

  • CAMMP members represent the best-of-the-best in their profession
  • The annual conference brings CAMMPers together to learn and exchange ideas
  • Open communication, active listserv resources, social media groups, and industry expertise help you succeed
  • Virtual programming, including subjects covering various topics on alumni relations 
  • Trusted vendor recommendations and references
  • Job board and annual salary survey
  • Opportunities to network with emerging leaders and peers who are experts in the field


Membership in CAMMP is free and open to any individual who actively serves as a full-time professional staff in one or more of the following roles within their alumni organizations (eligible organizations defined below).

  • Membership (student or alumni) recruitment, retention, benefits/services
  • Business development (i.e. implementation and/or support of revenue‐generating programs, including merchandise programs, data analytics)
  • Affinity program development/management
  • Sponsorship generation
  • Marketing – involved in the direct promotion/support of membership, business development, affinity, or sponsorship programs within the organization
  • Digital communications – responsibilities include those that support membership, business development, affinity, or sponsorship programs, including website support and development, mobile app support and development, social media coordination

The following individuals whose sole responsibilities fall in these areas would not be eligible to join CAMMP:

  • Executive Director/President/CEO (unless operating in a small shop (<5 full‐time employees) and also acting as the key staff person managing the day‐to‐day operations of one or more of the above‐listed functions. It is important to keep CAMMP a place where free discussion may take place without fear of repercussions from comments made regarding one’s own organization or opinions differing from management. Alternate conference options: CASE, CAAE
  • Administrative Assistants or other support staff
  • Magazine editor/writer – Alternate conference options: Editors forum
  • Clubs ‐ Alternate conference options: Athletic conferences, CASE
  • Travel – Alternate conference options: ETC Educational Travel Consortium, Fam/Inspection trips
  • Event programming ‐ Alternate conference options: Athletic conferences, CASE
  • Student leadership – Alternate conference options: ASAP, CASE
  • Facility management ‐ Alternate conference options: Unknown
  • Accounting/Finance ‐ Alternate conference options: Financial Directors conference
  • Annual Giving ‐ Alternate conference options: Annual Giving conferences, CASE
  • Graphic designer ‐ Alternate conference options: Unknown
  • Specialty programming (i.e. senior programs, board of directors, career services, volunteer management, honors and awards, reunions) ‐ Alternate conference options: CASE, Athletic conferences
  • Vendors, sponsors, and other business representatives who work in the alumni relations industry or directly with CAMMP

Eligible Alumni Organizations

  • Independent Alumni Associations of 4‐year colleges or universities. The size of the college or university does not matter.
  • Other Alumni offices of 4‐year colleges or universities that may not fit the above structure but have individual employees who fill the requirements of eligible CAMMP members listed in section one.
  • For‐profit colleges or universities that meet the other criteria described for organizations and individual members
  • Community colleges that meet the other criteria described for organizations and individual members
  • International universities may be considered for membership if their structures are similar to those described earlier in this section.

The following alumni organizations associated with the following types of colleges or universities are not eligible to join CAMMP:

  • Colleges with ONLY 2‐year programs
  • Professional colleges (i.e., law schools, vet med colleges, nursing schools)
  • Individual colleges/departments within a university (i.e., College of Agriculture, College of Business)

Eligible individuals may request membership in the organization by completing this registration form. Submitted membership credentials will be reviewed and approved by our membership committee. 

*The criteria noted above are not meant to be all-inclusive. The CAMMP Vice President of Membership may make certain merit-based exceptions with the consent of the CAMMP Board of Directory.

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