Keynote: Marketing to Singles

Marekting to Singles

Join us as we welcome behavioral economist Peter McGraw as he discusses why brands should pay more attention to individuals who are single and satisfied and incorporate this mindset into their marketing campaigns.

Marketing Association Wide

Marketing Association Wide

We all know how to promote membership benefits, specific programs, or featured events, but how do we market as us an entire association? This session will cover ways to create an association “brand” and the best way to develop an “elevator pitch” of what we do as a whole. 

Business Development: Creative Assets

Creative Assets

The second session specifically designed for our CAMMP members who focus on business development. This session will focus on creative assets. *Note: Recording is coming soon.

Mentoring Programs & How to Market Them

Mentoring Programs

Alumni are always asking for ways they can help current students. This session covers various mentoring programs and how the institutions have been able to successfully market these programs to alumni and students alike.

Making the Most of Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

This session will feature institutions offering unique membership benefits and ways they have creatively marketed these benefits to their alumni base.

Youth Legacy Programs

Youth & Legacy Programs

Keeping alumni and their children connected is a key way to ensure your institution is top-of-mind when it’s time to select a university. This session will feature programs and initiatives that assist in carrying on the legacy from generation to generation.

Membership Soliciation

Membership Solicitation

Inspiring people to become members is a year-round focus. Get inspired by seeing what your peers are trying in the world of membership acquisition and renewals.

Young Alumni-Focused Membership

Young Alumni-Focused Membership

Capturing the attention of our alumni early is key to keeping them engaged with the institution throughout the stages of their lives. This session will feature strategies that work for engaging young alumni and turning them into members early.

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