Looking for new ways to expand your voice with alumni and provide important benefits?
Partner with AMBA! We take a comprehensive approach to engaging alumni through strategic marketing and dynamic insurance solutions.

Who we are
For over 65 years, Association Member Benefits Advisors (AMBA) has provided much-needed coverage in various milestones of your alumni’s lives. We partner with associations across all 50 states and Canada. Meeting the unique needs of each association requires helping them constantly discover new, effective ways to attract and retain members. We are uniquely positioned as a full-service marketing company that also provides outstanding insurance services.

What we do
AMBA has over 50 years’ experience meeting the unique needs of each association that entails helping you constantly discover new, affective ways to engage your alumni through products and services that better their health and financial well-being.

How we do it
AMBA designs quarterly email and direct mail campaigns, supported by digital resources that engage your alumni with wellness information. We’ll champion YOUR purpose and YOUR University’s strategic goals, and provide your community with new insurance benefits.

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