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Benefits of Membership

Annual Conference

The members of CAMMP gather for a conference hosted by one of our members at their respective school. The three-day conference is usually hosted in the summer months. The conference is complimentary* for members thanks to our sponsors!

*Members must pay hotel and travel expenses. Up to three members from each school can attend complimentary. There is a charge for any additional representatives.

Google Group

Have you ever had a day where you had to design a brochure and you had no creative energy? Would you like to be able to compare your membership structure to others in the industry? Have you had a vendor approach you about a new service but it seemed to be good to be true?

The CAMMP Google Group (formerly the Listserv) is a sounding board for any membership and marketing related questions that arise. Chances are, someone has the exact same question at the same time and many others have an answer. The group allows members to share ideas, successes, ask for guidance and benchmark programs.

Network and Professional Development

Members of CAMMP strive to maintain a network of professionals that together will raise the national profile, reach and impact of alumni associations.

You’ll be exposed to thought leaders that push the envelope and break new ground with innovative marketing and membership programs