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Conference Scholarship Guidelines
Established 2018

1. Purpose:

This scholarship is established to create opportunities for and encourage attendance by a member of the Council who has not previously attended the annual CAMMP conference and/or would be unable to attend the conference due to financial hardship.

2. Basis of Selection:

The award will be given to an active CAMMP member who may or may not have previously attended the annual conference. Past recipients shall not be considered for another scholarship for a period of 5 years after the previous award.

3. Qualifications:

To be considered for this scholarship, the candidate must meet the following requirements. The candidate must…

a. be a member of CAMMP, following all guidelines established by the organization for membership.
b. show an active interest in CAMMP through participation in the listserv, committee service or other organization activities OR not have previously attended the annual conference.
c. complete and submit the scholarship application by the stated deadline.

4. Selection:

a. Recipients will be selected by a committee assigned by the officers of CAMMP. Selection will be based upon the following criteria:

i. Applicant’s job responsibilities.
ii. Financial considerations of the applicant’s association, which may include association’s overall operating budget, association’s professional development budget, and/or candidate’s overall opportunities for professional development within their organization.
iii. Applicant’s interest in, and passion for, the CAMMP organization and the profession as expressed in application.

b. Each member of the selection committee will score each application based upon a pre-approved rubric.
c. Recommendations will be made by tabulating the results of the rankings and after discussion by the committee.
d. The committee will select a pool of the most qualified candidates to present to the CAMMP board for final selection of the awardees, which will consist of at least two recipients and one alternate who will receive the scholarship if either recipient is unable to attend the conference. Additional scholarships may be awarded if so approved in advance by the CAMMP board.
e. The CAMMP board will announce recipients.

5. Award Process

a. Eligible scholarship expenses will be limited to hotel, airfare, and ground transportation in the city the conference is taking place in, that are actual and necessary for authorized travel, using the most direct and usually traveled routes. All expenses require pre-approval from the CAMMP board.
b. Transportation to and from the airport in the recipient’s city of residence, and car rental fees in the conference location will not be considered eligible expenses.
c. Initial purchase of all eligible travel will be the responsibility of the recipient. Following the conference, and upon approval of receipts, reimbursement of qualifying expenses will be reimbursed to the recipient by the CAMMP organization. (If recipient is unable to purchase travel up-front, another method of payment can be explored pending approval of the CAMMP Board).

6. Miscellaneous Recommendations:

a. Recipients must complete an acceptance form by the stated deadline. The acceptance form will include a commitment to attend the conference, which must be signed by the recipient and their immediate supervisor.
b. The amount per scholarship and number of scholarships to be awarded for the following year will be established prior to the opening of registration for the annual conference.
c. Recipients will be asked to present a brief report about the conference by the following September. Expectations for the report will be included in the acceptance form.

d. In the event that a scholarship recipient is unable to attend the conference, the recipient must inform the CAMMP board in writing no later than 1 month prior to the conference. The board will then award the scholarship to an alternate, time permitting.
e. Scholarship recipient will count as one of the three “free” attendees a school’s association may send to the conference. Any additional attendees from that association will be required to pay a nominal conference fee that will be set prior to the opening of registration.
f. Current members of the CAMMP Board of Directors and members of the CAMMP Scholarship Committee are eligible to apply for a CAMMP scholarship, but will not be allowed to participate in the scholarship selection process.

7. Timeline:

The Recommended timeline for this award shall be:

January 15 – Call for applications. All forms should be available on the CAMMP website by this date.
March 1 – Application due date.
March/April – Review by selection committee.
April 1 – Recipient(s) contacted.
After April 1 – Announcement of recipient(s).
May 15 – Recipient(s) acceptance form and travel budget due to committee chair(s).
July – Scholarship recipient(s) introduced at CAMMP conference.
September 1 – Post-conference report due to CAMMP board of directors.